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Five Trends in food at this very moment...

1. Unicorns

Kids are going crazy for a Unicorn themed birthday party. The possibilities are endless. The colours are magnificent, and we have to say, we cannot agree more. We love Unicorns too!

2. Slow food

We are not too unfamiliar with this movement. It has however become more popular is South Africa recently, and we know why. Cold winter evenings call for soups, stews and slow cooked lamb shanks. We enjoy food, slow.

3. Private gardens

Whether it is Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, people are talking or posting about their private gardens, with their beautiful purple plum tomatoes, and their out of this world variety of baby carrots. It is a good way to meditate as well, so get your hands dirty and start some planting!

Pots will also do...

4. Goth food

This is the complete opposite of the crazy colours of our Unicorn theme, here dark and scary is the theme. Anything from black ice-cream, in a black cone with black sprinkles, to black velvet cake and black macaroons. Black is back!

5. Shaped macaroons

Move over classical round macaron, hello kitty, ice-cream cone and other themed macaroons are taking the shine. Take a look, it is amazing what is trending...

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