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Mulberry Mascarpone Mousse Mille feuille


500 g fresh mulberries

250 g sugar

7,5 ml Lemon oil


250 g Mascarpone cheese

250 ml cream

125 ml icing sugar

125 ml fresh mulberries

200 g puffpastry

1 Puree: Boil sugar and mulberries until very soft and thick. Blend in food processor until smooth, add oil. Store in a sterilized glass jar.

2 Mousse: whip cheese, cream and icing until stiff. Keep cold

3 Gently fold 3 tablespoons of puree into mousse. Spoon into a piping bag. Refrigerate

4 Heat Oven until 200°C

5 Cut pastry into 2 logs. Place on baking tray with cooling rack over it. Make sure cooling rack and baking tray is sprayed with cooking spray. Bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown and crispy.

6 Once pastry is cooled. Pipe mousse on top of pastry. On second pastry spread some of the puree over. Place second pastry disk on top of mousse. Garnish with fresh berries. Serve on the same day as preparation.

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