Greek Easter Bread

April 5, 2019


250 ml Boiling water

15 ml Vinegar

Food colouring

3 Eggs


380 g Bread flour

60 ml Sugar

10 g Instant Yeast

180 ml Milk

60 ml Butter/ Lemon flavoured oil

2,5 ml Salt

1 egg

15 ml Aniseed

2,5 ml Vanilla



1.            Colouring eggs:  Mix boiling water, vinegar and food colouring. Pour into a tall glass container.

2.            Carefully drop eggs into colour mixture.  Let sit for about 5 min. Take out and let dry. Heat Oven to 200°C

3.            Bread:  Mix flour, sugar, salt together. Add yeast and mix in.

4.            Slowly melt butter in milk. Add milk mixture, egg, aniseeds and Vanilla to flour mixture.

5.            Mix until a soft dough. Turn to a floured surface and knead until smooth and elastic.

6.            Place in a clean bowl and cover. Let rise until double the volume.

7.            Punch down and divide into 3 sections.

8.            Roll into 40 cm long snakes.

9.            Place the 3 strands together and braid it. Bring the two ends together to create a crown.

10.          Brush eggs with a little oil and nestle into braid.

11.          Place on floured baking tray and bake for 20 min of until golden brown and cooked.




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