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Vegetable and Roasted Fruit Christmas Salad


5 Nectarines, in quarters

5 Plumes, halved

30 ml B-well Lemon oil

150 g Long stem Broccoli

100 g Asparagus

100 g Mange tout peas

150 g Green beans

200 g Haloumi

200 g Baby Rocket

100 g Dried Cranberries

100g Cashew nuts, roasted


1 lemon, juice and Zest

15 ml Fresh Parsley, Chopped

15 ml Fresh Basil, chopped

15 ml Whole grain mustard

90 ml B-well Olive oil

Oryx Desert Salt and pepper


  1. Brush fruit with oil and roast on very high heat until just brown.

  2. Blanch vegetables separately until just soft. Refresh in cold water.

  3. Fry haloumi until golden

  4. Pack rocket on large serving platter and place cooled vegetables, fruit, haloumi, cranberries and nuts op top.

  5. Mix everything for the vinaigrette together and drizzle over salad.

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