Professional Chefs Course
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July 2022
January 2023

These courses are a foundation into the culinary world with a major emphasis on practical cookery. Other components of these courses include catering theory, food costing and menu planning.

Highfield Level 2 Diploma for Professional Cooks 
Highfield Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering 
(12 Months) 

The course runs over 6 months practical training at Steyns’ Culinary School After completing the 6-month intensive training at Steyns’ Culinary School, at least 6 months’ work experience in the industry is required to obtain the international accredited Diploma. (The Certificate for practical work can only be issued after the completion of internship)

Highfield Level 3 Diploma for Professional Chefs
(24 Months) 

The course runs over 6 months practical training and 6 months industry training.  You can exit the course after 24 Months. 

Highfield Level 3 Diploma in Patisserie, Confectionery and Bakery 
(24 Months) 
Optional in year 2 

The course runs as an integrated course in conjunction with year 1 and 2.  A separate portfolio of evidence is needed for this qualification.  This qualification is optional at an extra cost for registration

QCTO Occupational Chef Certificate
Highfield Level 4 Diploma in Culinary Supervision and Management
(36 Months)

The course runs over 18 months practical training at Steyns Culinary School and 18 months practical training.    The course will run over the 36 months where you will have 6 months intensive training and 6 months practical training for your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year.  After completing your 36 months you will need to complete your trade test.

Hands-on Theory and Practical

Industry Internship




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