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Fifteen Careers you can pursue, with a Chef qualification.

Have you ever considered the Chef industry, but you have been completely put off by the late hours and the strict rules that has to be followed? What if we told you that you have many more options available than what meets the eye?

1. Chef

In various institutions, not just in large kitchens. You could become an in-flight chef for an Airline, or on Yachts, boats and cruise liners and travel the world while doing it.

2. Food Blogger/Food writer

Being a Food blogger is extremely fun. You get to cook, take pictures, even videos and post your creations on-line, but you also get the opportunity to try out other peoples food and give your opinion about it. So if you enjoy socialising, writing and eating, food blogging could be for you. If you are really good at it, Companies will even pay you to advertise on your blog, they will sponsor you to use their products and write about it.

3. Food photographer or Food stylist

If you have a natural talent for taking pictures, Professionals will pay you to snap their beautiful creations, or you could create your own and sell them on the web for example. Having a chef background could really help you with the garnishing, styling and preparation of your creations.

4. Product developer

With all the eating trends in food, like the Banting or low carb craze at the moment, developing very interesting products for companies like Woolworths could be your future. And you will get paid whilst tasting and trying out your creations!

5. Cake decorator

If you enjoy baking but especially the decorating or the art side of it, you could specialise in Cake decorating and make beautiful wedding and novelty cakes.

6. Teaching/Lecturing

If you have a few years experience in the industry, all you need to do is get a assessors qualification for a tertiary institution, like a Chef school or a Hospitality School.

7. Food Consulting

Many people need help with redeveloping their restaurant or venue's menu, training or skills development of in-house staff. If you like to teach, teaching adults is really rewarding.

8. Function Coordinator

Are you able to multitask? Then coordinating could be for you.

9. Maitre de/ Front of House Manager

Not a fan of the kitchen, enjoy conversing with customers, working in front could be your forte.

10. Caterer/Restauranteur

Interested in owning your own business or being an entrepreneur? Not enjoying having a boss or taking orders from someone else? It's not easy, and you will probably not see an immediate return on investment, but if you are willing to work hard for it, put the hours in and have a long term goal in mind, you can definitely try this.

11. Food and Beverage Manager

Good with numbers and keeping stock? This one could be for you.

12. Freelance Chef

This is for someone that can work well with money, and has a lot of self control and discipline. Sometimes you have a lot of work, and sometimes you don't. If you are in a place in your life where you just want to enjoy your life and be a bit of a free spirit, this career could definitely help you whilst you pay your own way whilst back packing through Europe.

13. Sommelier

Enjoy your wines, and pairing them with food. You will benefit with having a charming personality as well.

14. Marketing Coordinator for Tertiary institutions in the Hospitality and Chef industry.

Do you believe in your school and what they offer? Telling potential future students could be for you. You could combine a business degree with this occupation, and perhaps some training in online marketing will help. We live in a digital age!

15. Sales representative for a Food orientated company, for Ex. Unilever.

Good at selling? Like being on the road and meeting new people? If you don't like working in a kitchen, or in an office, being a representative for a major food brand could be for you.

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