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The Bowl Movement

There is a trend going around, to serve a whole meal in a bowl, instead of a plate. We are loving the bowls, especially the ones you find on Pinterest. What we also like is the fact that your portion control is so much better with a bowl, than with a plate. Portion sizes are getting out of hand. Even a slice of cake can be intimidating sometimes in terms of its size.

People are getting massive plates of food, especially at some well known restaurants, as we as consumers perceive money well spent on the amount or size of what we get in return, but we are not sure whether quantity is what we are looking for, for our buck, or quality? You would be amazed how little we actually do need to consume with every meal. The bowls are helping numerous people control how much they are dishing, and in the end consuming.

If you had to actively make a point of weighing your food, you would be surprised at the results! Why not start today. Summer is around the corner and we all could shed a kilogram or two after the winter. Portion control is a good way to start.

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