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Yogurt and Honey Panacotta

Chef Maritha Steyn



Gelatine, softened in 50 ml water

500ml full cream milk

125 ml Cream


Honey or Castor sugar

50 ml Natural Yogurt

5ml vanilla essence or seeds of 1 pod


1. Soak gelatine, then heat.

2. Bring milk to boil, whisk in gelatine and cook for ± 1 mi

nute, remove from heat.

3. Place over an ice bath and continue whisking as it


4. Beat cream until stiff. Add the honey and vanilla

. In case of using a vanilla pod, remove the seeds

and add to milk.

5. Continue whisking milk mixture till soft and almost a

soft peak figure of 8 shapes.

6. Fold in yogurt and cream. Place in moulds.

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