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Herb-butter roasted chicken

125 ml soft butter

Zest and juice of 1 lemon

30 ml fresh Parsley, chopped

5 ml Fresh Thyme, shopped

5 ml Fresh basil, chopped

1 rosemary sprig

15 ml Chicken spice

Salt and pepper

1 whole chicken

180 ml white wine

assortment of vegetables to roast eg: onion quarters, baby marrow, turnip and carrots

Put oven on 180C

1. Mix Butter, lemon juice en zest, herbs and spices together.

2. Season chicken with salt and pepper

3. Truss chicken so that there are no joints looses from the body.

4 Rub butter over chicken and place in a roasting pan with white wine

5. Roast for about an hour and spoon juices over chicken every now and then.

6. Add vegetables the last 30-40 min and roast until just soft and chicken cooked

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