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Sky Villa Boutique Hotel: Dine with a view.

Visiting our former students always excite us, especially if they have just been awarded 5 stars. For years Plettenberg Bay has been a great holiday destination but now one can also do so in 5-star boutique style and eat like a king or queen.

When we arrived at Sky villa, Herman Booyjens, Head Chef at Sky Villa, met us with open arms. We could tell he was excited to have Chef Maritha there as he was babbling more than normal. As we entered the lobby of the boutique hotel, we could immediately see why this is 5-star accommodation with sleek stylish modern décor and tasteful art pieces decorate the halls. From the main restaurant you have a gorgeous panoramic view of the bay and overlook the lagoon.

Chef Herman’s excitement was palpable as he showed us his magnificent kitchen. And we must say it is MAGNIFICENT. He runs a tight ship and it is impressively clean. It was quickly obvious that Herman’s staff have immense respect for him and have admiration for his skill in the kitchen.

Herman showed us the wine cellar that has a glass ceiling, which makes it visible from the lounge above. The cellar is private and guests are welcome to sit at the heavy wooden tables chatting to friends surrounded by world class wines and champagnes. A famous German motor brand recently used this venue to launch their new SUV range.

After exploring the cellar, we took the private elevator to the roof. The Sky Bar (still to be opened to the public) has a 360 view over Plettenberg Bay and the mountains. This will be where many public and special events will be held.

After the tour, we sat down for lunch. The compact menu offers enough to satisfy any taste; from venison fillets to decadent salmon plates. One thing Chef Maritha always hammers on is that her students should always taste their food, (you eat with your eyes and taste with your mouth). Chef Herman took this to heart and did exactly that. With stylish simple presentation, the food looks amazing and tastes even better. His portions are good and one never feels wanting, except for desert, which we always have a second stomach for.

We were surprised to find that our splendid lunch and the enjoyable company with Chef Herman kept us entertained for nearly four hours.

Thank you, Chef Herman for having us, you’re another student that has done us proud and we’re happy to call you an Alumnus of Steyn’s Culinary School.

Images Copyright Sky Villa Boutique Hotel, Pieter Steyn

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