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Chicken chow mein


500 g Chinese eggs Noodles/Instant noodles

500 g Chicken thighs, deboned, chopped

Splash Garlic oil

1 green onion, chopped

357 ml Julienne chopped carrots

500 ml Chopped Cabbage

15 ml chopped Ginger

60 ml soy sauce

15 ml fish sauce

10 ml sesame oil

Salt and Pepper

1. Cook noodles until just soft, drained and keep aside

2. Heat oil and fry chicken until cooked, take out and keep aside.

3. Add some more oil to pan and fry carrots for about 3 minutes 4. Add onions, ginger and cabbage fry until just soft

5. Add cooked chicken, noodles, sauces and sesame oil.

6. Serve immediately.

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