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Want to learn the basics of cooking, or hone your existing skills? Take a cooking class at Steyn’s Culinary School

There are so many reasons to sign up for a cooking course, so where do we even begin? Let’s start by saying that everyone has the potential in become a chef in their own kitchen.

If you have always wondered if you should take a cooking class or two, but weren’t sure if they’re for you, then we have a few (good) reasons why you should be jumping at the opportunity and book a class!

1. Cooking classes are fun

Meeting new people and learning new skills can be a fun experience and a great reason to join our cooking class while learning to cook all your favourite foods. Whether you sign up as a couple, with your bestie, for a mother & daughter experience or as a company team build, we can promise you that you will have quite a few laughs.

2. Cooking classes teach you new skills

Learning new culinary skills will bode well for you in every recipe you make in future. You will pick up some serious know-how whether it is learning how to efficiently chop up various ingredients or even how to avoid burning rice. Your trained instructor will coach you in proper techniques & skills and go through all the basics with you, while answering all your cooking question

3. Cooking classes allow you to be more adventurous

There are so many recipes out there that you most likely do not know of or have not discovered yet. By taking an exotic cooking class, you might just whet your appetite for exploring new food cultures, recipes, and techniques, from around the world.

You might discover that you have a hidden flair for French cooking or for rolling out sushi like a pro, but how will you know unless you take a class and discover your favourite foods in the process?

4. Cooking classes improve your palette

To discover new flavours in food, you need to improve your palette. During a cooking class you do not only get to improve your cooking skills, but you will also get to sample these dishes as well and by doing so improve your palette.

5. Cooking classes teach you proper presentation skills

You will gain the necessary skills to turn even the simplest dish into a masterpiece that will deserve a spot in a foodie magazine. Presentation is everything, especially with the dominance of foodie images on Instagram and other social media platforms.

By presenting beautiful food, it automatically tastes better, and will help you impress your foodie-obsessed friends, regardless of what you whipped up in the kitchen.

6. Cooking classes teach you more confidence in the kitchen

By gaining the experience to create beautiful food dishes, will not only increase your confidence as a chef but your confidence in general. These cooking courses are presented by some of the most skilled and confident chefs you will ever meet, their energy will be transferred over to you. Gaining experience as you learn a new skill and see yourself progress, is one of the most rewarding things in life.

7. Cooking classes makes a unique date night

A cooking class is a fun way to differentiate from your usual (boring) date night routine. Surprise your significant other by signing up for a class, or better still make it a monthly ritual.

8. Cooking classes help you master those special recipes

When you take a cookery course, you will learn and perfect recipes that you can recreate for your family at home. These recipes can now make it on your weekly menu that your family look forward to and that you one day can teach your children how to make – it could become an heirloom. There are so many gifts you can give your family to pass down from generation to generation - recipes are one of those.

Need any further persuading?

Cooking courses are fun. It allows us to spend time with those we love and offer an opportunity in meeting new people that might become friends. It can make the experience even sweeter.

The beauty of taking cooking courses at Steyn’s Culinary School is that there are no age limits for those who can and want to participate.

Be spontaneous and enroll today!


· 24 August - French

· 31 August - Korean

· 7 September -Tarts and Sweet Pies

· 14 September - Thai

· 21 September - Sushi

· 5 October - Delicious Desserts

· 12 October - Platters & Canapés

· 19 October - Greek

· 26 October - Easy Quick Meals

· 2 November - Fill the Jar Cookie Class

· 9 November - Italian

· 18 November - Food & Wine sit-down dinner

To book a course, visit our website, email us or WhatsApp at or 072 645 5167 respectively. FOLLOW us for updates on Facebook and Instagram .

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