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The big event on Christmas Day is the food and you have nailed it with everything you learned during the Christmas Christmas Fun Cooking Class at Steyns Culinary School. From what to buy, all the tricks of the trade on how to prepare the ultimate Christmas Day Lunch. You might not have given it much thought, but now you must start planning how to set your table for Christmas Dinner!

The perfect Christmas table, except for having your family gathering around, is that you want it to look festive as well. This is the place where you will be creating memories and that is why it is essential to make it more special when setting up your Christmas table.

Every detail will make a difference - the décor, the colours even the choice of cutlery and crockery will help create a cosy environment of love and enhance and awaken the senses at the table. We have prepared some tips to help inspire you into celebrating Christmas in style.

1. Awaken the Sense of Sight

Colours provide a visual stimulus to create a pleasant experience that makes guests feel right at home. The first colour that comes to mind when we think of Christmas, is red. This warm colour evokes strong feelings of love and passion. Add a few candles and you will have produced a vibrant Christmas table that brings an inviting atmosphere that also stimulates the appetite. In South Africa the trend is changing to more earthy or cooler colours, so why not add your own unique touch to tradition?

2. Create Sensation to the Touch

By using thicker fabric napkins with different textures and motifs you will evoke a more luxurious sensory experience.


Play with the Sense of Smell

By playing with different aromas, you are awakening new sensations at the table. By adding sage, cinnamon, citrus, and rosemary to your table decorations, you are creating diverse flavours and aromas that create a sense of Christmas. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and inhale all the wonderful aromas around you.

4. Delight the Sense of Taste

With the help of Steyns Culinary School, you will be able to surprise your guests with a gift of taste and flavour that will not only whet their appetite but will delight the eyes as well.

5. Create Memories with the Sense of Sound

Sound is a good tool to awaken memories and change people’s moods. The sound of kids giggling and whispering secrets. Delightful Christmas Carols playing softly in the background, all adds to the magic of Christmas, creating beautiful memories together.

As we celebrate Christmas, let’s use all our senses. Grab those placemats, spruce up your centrepieces and blast your favourite is time to decorate! Your table will be beautiful and will surely liven up even the Grinchiest of guests.


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