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Before chasing your big dream of becoming the next great baker, it is a good idea to first master some essential skills. These skills will help you churn out some of the most amazing baked goods you will ever make and will help you build a successful baking career.

1. Mise & Place

Understanding mise & place helps you with your planning, timing, and organizational skills. Having your baking station prepared and ready with everything you will need from your tools to your pre-measured ingredients ready for you to use, is vital – this is called “mise & place”.

This simple concept, of getting your workstation ready ahead of time is often the difference between success and failure in the kitchen.

2. Communication

Clear communication is a skill bakers should possess (and work on constantly). Whether you are mixing dough or putting finishing touches to your culinary masterpiece, you need to be able to communicate with your team members. Communication can make or break the flow of the kitchen. Ensure you have open communication channels with your team and be receptive to feedback from them as well.

3. Attention to Detail

Baking is a science and the key to achieving the perfect cake or any baked goods is in the precise measurement & ideal temperature. While flavour is important, the most subjective part of baking is ensuring the ingredients are measured correctly and the produce is baked at just the right temperature and time. If the chemistry of your baked goods is off, so will be the flavour!

Attending a baking course at Steyn’s Culinary School, will help you refine your baking skills.

4. Creativity

Your curiosity as a baker will help you experiment with new flavours combinations and textures. Strong foundational skills will make it easier for you to play around and develop new recipes & flavours. The knowledge gained through our baking course will not only give you new skills but help you take your baking creativity to the next level.

5. Hand-Eye Coordination

Rolling out flaky croissants looks effortless if done correctly, even if you understand the technique used, your hand and eye coordination must be on point. This is where practice (and more practice) comes in – reputation will allow you to get as close as possible to perfection.

Culinary School will provide the ideal opportunity to listen to your instructors and to keep practicing your new learnt skills to make everyone proud.

6. Patience

You cannot cut any corners in baking – it is a well-planned process and every step taken is important in the baking process. To master your baking skills takes time, patience, and precision. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Like any good loaf of bread takes time, so does being a great baker.

If you are serious about advancing your baking skills, our baking course could be for you & it will be time well spent.

Contact us today to learn about how our 8-week baking course could provide you with the skills you need to achieve your baking dreams.

Email: or contact us on WhatsApp 072 645 5167


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