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Strawberry and Lemon Blondies

Ingredients 230 g Butter 180 ml White Sugar 1 egg 60 ml Fresh lemon Juice 375 ml Cake Flour 2,5 ml Baking Powder 2,5 ml Salt 90 g White chocolate, chopepd 250 ml Fresh Strawberries, Diced


1.Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy.

2.Add egg and lemon juice.

3.Add flour, baking powder, salt and white chocolate, mix until just combined.

4.Add strawberries and fold in.

5.Pour into a paper lined 24 cm cake tin.

6.Bake at 180°C for 20-30 minutes or until cooked


250 mlIcing Sugar

3 strawberries, finely chopped

15 mlFresh Lemon juice

1.Mix everything together until a glaze forms


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