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For many, a Valentine’s Day dinner is a romantic celebration. Aromatic candles, roses, music and

chocolate set the scene, but most importantly, the right food and drink can turn just another night at

home into an unforgettable evening.

Certain foods can inspire passion, romance, and love, through foods romantic quality is about more

than just ingredients. To set the table for love on Valentine’s Day, pay special attention to elements

such as texture, taste, colour and shareability that can enhance the romance of a dish. Something

like touch and small that heightens all the senses, can spark romance.

This Valentine’s Day, if you decide on a date night at home, check out the most romantic foods to

help make your date night a total success.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate, especially the dark silky kind, has always had always been known as a special romantic

treat. Whether it’s milk, dark or white chocolate or artisanal and high-end. We are bound to go back for more.

Chilli Peppers

These bad boys contain endorphins that boost your mood and energy. The capsaicin in the peppers

also causes your lips to swell and your tongue to tingle. For a double dose of consumable romance,

try a plate of chocolate-covered jalapenos.


Honey is a fantastic source of sensual texture and flavour for many desserts, mixed drinks, and canapes. The word ‘honeymoon’ originates from a medieval tradition, where mead, an alcoholic

beverage made from honey was gifted to a new bride and groom to enjoy after the wedding.


Wine may be the most classic of romantic consumables. A light uplifting treat for all the senses, a

combination of wine, roses, sweet finger foods, chocolate cherries, and dark chocolate truffles will

hit the spot as well as ease body tension and promote a healthy mind.


Go with a colour scheme - red strawberries, pomegranates, watermelon, and figs that give off a sweet aroma. The best part is you can dip strawberries in chocolate. There is a myth that the first pomegranate tree was planted by Aphrodite, the goddess of love, herself. For something different, break away from the traditional red colours and give passion fruit or papaya a try.


Fondue makes a great date night idea and is such a special treat. The best part of a’s easy

to prepare and can be thrown together as a last resort.


Oysters are a more commonly known aphrodisiac. The fresh smell of the sea when you such the

oyster, the feel of the plump, sweet meat in your mouth - that is sensual. Casanova (allegedly) ate 50 oysters a day for breakfast and look at his luck in the love department.


Have you ever seen the most romantic scene ever, in Lady and the Tramp? It might be smart to avoid this (somewhat) messy dish on your first date.

We hope you have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

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