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10 Week Part Time Cooking Course

Next course starts
Level 1: Tuesday 16 July & Saturday 20 July 204
Level 2:  18 July 2024

Class times:  
Tuesday Evening (18:00-21:30)
Saturday Morning (09:00-12:00) 
Thursday evening Level 2 (18:00-21:30) - Hatfield, Pretoria

This course is an introduction into the culinary arts with a major emphasis on practical cookery. Other components of the course include catering theory, food costing and menu planning. The course runs over 10 lessons (once a week- for 10 weeks) practical training at Steyns’ Culinary School. Upon completion the school will present the successful candidates with a certificate from the school. Days subject to change due to Public Holidays.



In this kitchen, Chef Megan, Chef Jaen-Mari and Chef Reinate will be conducting the 10 week classes. Periodically a guest lecturer or chef can be asked to share their particular skills with the candidates. This part time course in BASIC COOKING SKILLS of 10 weeks will be concluded by the presentation of a certificate by Steyns’ Culinary School.

Lots of fun you learn a lot

Antje Feenstra

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