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Crunchy cream puffs

Crackling dough

60 ml Butter, soft

80 ml brown sugar

100ml flour

Pinch of Oryx Desert salt

25 ml Cocoa

Choux dough

250 ml water

80 g butter

140 g flour

Pinch of Oryx Desert Salt

4 eggs

Crème Patisserie

500 ml milk

30 ml flour

30 ml cornstarch

30 ml castor sugar

2 egg yolks

5 ml Vanila

30 ml castor sugar


Crackling dough

  1. Cream butter and sugar togerther.

  2. Add flour,salt and cocoa. Mix until a dough forms. Refrigerate for 20 minutes

  3. Roll pastry between two plastic wrap sheets. Press out circles of about 2 cm wide. Keep refrigerated.

Choux dough

Pre heat oven to 180°C

  1. Bring water and butter to a boil. Add flour,salt and beat, while still on the heat, until a ball forms and a thin film on the bottom of the pot.

  2. Transfer to a mixing bowl and cool down until a comfortable warm temeperature.

  3. Mix 1 egg and beat into mixture. Repeat the process. When you get to the last egg add half and beat well. The mixture should be shiny and smooth. If the dough is not shiny and smooth, add the last half egg.

  4. Transfer to a piping bag and pipe about 3 cm wide balls on prepared baking tray.

  5. Place crackling circles on top of choux dough.

  6. Bake for 20-30 minutes of until golden brown and cooked. Prick with a tooth pick and place back into oven for another 10 minutes to dry out. Let cool completely.

Crème Patisserie

  1. Bring milk to a boil.

  2. Mix flours, 30 ml castor sugar and eggs to form a paste.

  3. Slowly add hot milk to egg mixtue while whisking . Transfer back to pot.

  4. While stirring, bring to a boil to create a smooth thick custard. Let cool slightly

  5. Whip egg whites with 30 ml of sugar. Fold into warm custard mixture.

  6. Scoop into piping bag, refrigerate for later.

  7. Make a small hole in puffs and pipe custard mixture inside.

  8. Serve fresh.

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