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Custard fruit yoghurt panacotta served with roasted plums


30ml Gelatine, softened in 45 ml water

400 ml Fair Cape Full cream milk

25 ml Castor sugar

¼ Clemen Gold, Grated

500 ml Fair Cape Double Cream Mixed Fruit & Custard Yogurt


1. Soak gelatine, then heat.

2. Bring milk to boil, whisk in gelatine and Clemen Gold peel and cook for ± 1 minute, remove from heat.

3. Fold in yogurt. Place in moulds that is sprayed with B-well bake well spary.

Roasted plum topping

3 plums in 8ths

125 ml White sweet wine

25 ml Sugar

5 ml B-well Lemon oil

Pinch Oryx desert salt

1 sprig thyme

Set oven to 180C

1 Place plums and all ingredients in a roasting pan.

2 Roast for 30 minutes or until caramelized.

3 Cool down and spoon mixture over Panna Cotta.

4 Whip 250 ml Fair Cape Cream with some castor sugar and vanilla until soft peaks. Spoon on top of fruit.

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