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So, do you think of yourself as a good cook, but, what makes a good cook? Check out the following indicators and see if you are indeed a culinary expert.

There are loads of ways to determine if your kitchen confidence is on par, from chopping onions like a pro to frying the perfect egg. Factors of being a good cook include being willing to experiment with different flavours and textures, and being able to make something out of nothing, especially if your kitchen cupboards are bare. Knowing your kitchen utensils and making your own sauces from scratch....and knowing your herbs from both sight and smell.

If this sounds like you, can say that you are (relatively) good at cooking. The rise of cooking programs on TV and the sharing of food pictures on social media has increased the love of food and the desire to cook immensely.

Here are some signs of a good cook:

  1. You are not fazed by an empty cupboard and can whip up a meal, within minutes from literally nothing.

  2. Only your love for eating, outnumbers your love for cooking.

  3. You love to experiment with new ingredients and, the combination of different flavours.

  4. Your happy place is in the kitchen and, you are not afraid to prepare food in front of people.

  5. You are good with time management. When preparing a meal everything is ready at the same time.

  6. You know your herbs and spices from taste, smell, and appearance, and know which one goes best with each dish.

  7. You get excited when you experiment by adding a twist to classic recipes.

  8. Your chopping skills are phenomenal and, you can chop anything finely and quickly without cutting yourself.

  9. Your go-to staple is eggs and milk, which you always have in your fridge.

  10. You only have homemade condiments in the fridge and, you can come up with a new one within minutes.

  1. You are the go-to person for cooking advice and tips.

  2. You have a well-stocked pantry, with all kinds of (unknown and unusual) ingredients, oils, and spices.

  3. Your sauces, soups, and gravies are made from scratch.

  4. Your use of cooking terms, such as broil, blanch, de-glaze, flambé, and Al Dante are part of your daily vocabulary.

  5. You always try new and unusual dishes when eating out.

  6. Your taste buds are so well developed, that you can guess what is in a dish, just from tasting it.

  7. You rarely, need to use a recipe book to make anything.

  8. You are always the designated cook at any family or friends get-together.

  9. You own some of the best quality cookware and utensils.

  10. You can measure ingredients, without really having to measure, every item.

  11. You use the thumb technique when preparing the perfect steak.

  1. Your knowledge and pronunciation of exotic foods are mind-blowing.

  2. You can flip a pancake perfectly.

  3. You can pair the correct wine with every dish.

  4. You know when a dish is done, without the use of a timer.

So, how did you do? Can you call yourself a good cook, do you want to be a chef? Maybe you just need a little push.

Contact us to find out about our 10-week part-time cooking course which starts in April. This course is an introduction to the culinary arts with a major emphasis on practical cooking and this might just be that step in the right direction.

Contact us today, by sending us an email at or message us on WhatsApp at 072 645 5167 to find out more.


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